What we do

Better solutions, brand products and cost reduction through innovation, zero deficiency, zero complaint and zero waste is our mission. We develop technologies & products, provide services & solutions, impart knowledge & skill, give shape to ideas and engineer products. We help develop & manufacture products for meeting application requirements, customer expectations, market demands & service conditions.


Detailing, integrated approach & value addition. Knowledge of materials, applications requirements & service conditions. Reliable, dependable & timely service.


Design, accident investigation, failure analysis & prevention, manufacturing, materials development & processing, metal forming, joining & working, heat treatment, R & D, testing, simulation studies etc.


Analyzed 1000+ accidents and failures, developed 100+ products and assessed the performance, quality & reliability of several thousand components, materials and products.


We have many high profile customers in automotive, aviation, communication, defence, electronics, energy, engineering, food processing, health care, infrastructure development, insurance, space, transport and other sectors.

Our valued customers perceive us as a preferred destination serving their needs. We are honored. We go the extra mile to meet your needs and excel your expectations.

Commitment to excellence & perfection in quality, reliability, technology & business to serve the society better